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Enter your weekly container volume and average driver pay to calculate the ROI of using Qualle.

Empty Container Marketplace

How many single transactions or empty legs do you do per week?

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How much on average do you pay your drivers or spend to terminate an empty with no full container to pull? USD

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Street Turns

How many exports do you do per week?

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Our Mission

To increase container flow in the world and reduce empty miles.

Getting empty containers out of the hands of those who don't need them and into the hands of those who do is what Qualle is all about.

API Driven container flow

We provide flexible options when it comes to integrations.

We build custom integrations to suit specific use cases, or can connect an existing TMS, YMS, WMS or ERP system to enable a transfer of real time container data through our platform.


We integrate with a wide range of services to connect the transportation industry to leading technology platforms and improve workflow


Focused on the Empty

Connecting all of the major supply chain stakeholders for a mutual benefit.


Exporters send a notification looking for equipment in their area.

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Truckers reuse empty equipment.

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Evacuate your empty containers.

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Carbon Reduction

Every efficient container move reduces empty miles.

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Steamship Line

Keeping containers moving.

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Decarbonizing the Supply Chain One Container at a time

Decarbonizing supply chains is an important goal for shippers, ocean liners, and transporters, as it can help to reduce their environmental impact and improve their sustainability.

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Qualle announces 2022 raise and problem they are solving

Qualle will roll out its platform across North America to help make the port markets more efficient

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Decreasing empty miles decreases port congestion

Even people who don’t work in the supply chain industry have heard about port congestion over the past two years. From LA to Rotterdam to Shanghai there have been disruptions and imbalances causing massive port congestion and delays.