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How we help reduce CO2 emissions

Qualle Truck
  • Easier reuse request process for truckers which increases street turn volumes in markets.
  • Empty container marketplace for more efficient usage of containers for street turns and duals.
  • Reducing roundtrip miles for Exporters and Importers.
  • Reducing the number of idle empty containers for Importers.
  • Creating more off dock empty container transactions.
  • Fewer gate transactions at the terminal.

Impact on the environment

56% of all containers in global circulation are empty inland at any given time.

Effective empty repositioning has a massive positive impact on the environment.

Qualle helps to make sure that containers are put into the right hands at the right time for optimal routing.

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Forest with cargo

Qualle uses the GLEC framework

The global method for calculation and reporting of logistics emissions in alignment with GHG Protocol, Global Green Freight action plan, CDP reporting

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